Tasks for November.

on Thursday, 03 December 2015. Posted in Blog

Tasks for November.

Wrap up warm and get outside to enjoy those clear frosty days that often herald the start of winter. There's loads to be getting on with: here are some jobs to tick off your list this month.

General tasks:
Keep containers safe from frost by wrapping them in bubble wrap or hessian.
Take one last cut off the lawn with the height of the blades raised to allow for slower autumn growth.

Ornamental garden:
Lift dahlia tubers once the first frosts blacken the foliage. Trim stems to 15cm then lift tubers. Stand upside down for a few days before storing in just-moist compost.
Draw up planting plans for next year then pop down the garden centre and take your pick of your favourite varieties.
Check plants in containers regularly to make sure the compost hasn't dried out. Test soil moisture levels by sticking your finger into the compost.

Kitchen garden:
Sow fast-growing salads like radishes, cress and winter lettuces in pots in the greenhouse.
Prepare new asparagus beds for planting in the spring, adding organic matter and grit to help drainage.
Make a seed divider box: write the months on pieces of card so you can file your seed packets when you want to sow them.