Locally Sourced Food

Carter Street Butchers

A thriving local business run by Neil  Bennett, Carter Street Butchers has been at the heart of the community in Fordham since 1865. Carter Street Butchers offers the best quality free-range produce sourced from local farms.

Neil Bennett and Daniel Newman are part of the team at Carter Street Butchers. A couple of characters who along with the rest of the crew keep the busy butcher’s shop in the heart of Fordham ticking over.



Watergull Orchards Apple Juice Logo

About Watergull Orchards 

Watergull Orchards are a Family Business who concentrate on producing a High Quality British Apple Juice. Their East Anglian Apple Juice is made from the finest apples, ALL of which have been grown in Cambridgeshire, most from their own orchards.

Apple Juice is pressed on the farm as soon as the apples are picked. The process is very simple, they hand select the apples which are then washed and crushed into fine pulp prior to pressing in our 30 tonne press. The apple juice is then bottled and pasteurised awaiting distribution. From apple to juice in under 36 hours!